Click on the following link to access a document on geothermal power generation (PDF 3.6 MB) which is an introduction to advanced geothermal energy technologies and shows how our energy extraction is superior to conventional technologies and to the Hot-Dry-Rock system:

Location: the fact that water saturated rock is present in all geographical locations allows for activation of hydrothermal energy flows. It is no longer essential to drill into hot water reservoirs or to recreate these artificially in hot dry rocks. The systems can be installed anywhere.

Energy output: is a multiple higher than with closed-loop systems. Our technology maximizes energy output and enables commercially viable geothermal energy exploitation. The coefficient of performance is 4.5 and higher (for every one unit of energy used to power the system, more than 4.5 units are extracted as geothermal heat).

Risk minimization due to the elimination of the usual exploration risk. Finding hot water reservoirs is not necessary, neither is fracturing deep-seated rock. Our technology works with a single well, as opposed to the dual wells necessary with Hot-Dry-Rock (HDR) systems. Effective energy output can be precisely calculated before project begin based solely on the required geothermal energy output and a geological profile of the ground. There is no risk of creating earthquakes with the our energy extraction method.

Cost: high energy yields and the lower costs of single well technology as compared to HDR make our technology commercially viable. Wells need to be drilled less deep than with closed-loop systems, thereby reducing drilling costs. Risk minimization contributes to the accuracy of investment calculations before project begin and reduces insurance premiums.

Longevity: existing installations have been functioning since over 20 years without noticeable depletion of the geothermal heat output, because the energy extraction rate is in balance with natural energy replenishment. Deep extraction wells can be installed within 100 meters distance of each other without measurable effect on energy output.