Our aim is to bring down the costs of deep geothermal energy extraction projects by at least 30% as compared to the standard technologies available in the year 2008. At the same time we are looking at technologies which allow for higher efficiency in electricity generation from geothermal heat.

Geothermal energy extraction at depths of 5000 to 7500 meters under ground is high-tech. The material (drilling rig, pipes etc.) is required to withstand enormous pressure and temperature differences between the surface and the bottom of the well. A drilling rig needs to be able to lift the weight of 7500 meters of pipes. The material of the pipes must also withstand this total weight without breaking, yet itself be light weight and resistant to corrosion and other chemical processes.

The main factor in reducing costs is the speed at which a geothermal well is drilled, whereby the deeper one drills, the more expensive each additional meter becomes.

We work with experienced companies with an excellent track record in innovation and delivery.

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Advancements in drilling technology contribute to substantial cost reductions and therefore reduced investment costs.